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The processing of MES-level data to evaluate the possibility of the application of Artificial Neural Network and adaptive controllers in the structure of the existing information space of the company. Analysis of information to determine the completeness of the existing data and prospects for the use of the adaptive technology.

Consulting on the design of artificial neural networks for forecasting.


MissionUAB Neurotechnologijos focuses its care and attention on increasing the competitive ability of our customers, support to decision-making, trouble-free operation, and maintenance of product quality at the highest level by implementing artificial intelligence in process control at the MES level. These are our guides in work with our customers.

Neurotechnologies contacts
  • Lvovo str. 25, Vilnius, 09320, Lithuania
    Business centre 3BURĖS (3 Burės)
  • (+370) 606 21187
    (+370) 673 16915
  • info@neurotech.lt