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NT Industrial Automation hardware and software complex

Man solves the problems of recognition every day, every minute, and maybe every second. These problems include picking out your close ones or friends in a crowd of people, identifying the voice of a caller, recognising a trademark or product type when shopping, remembering the place you are passing now and once were here before, etc.
All these are recognition problems we solve in private life every day. There are also recognition problems which we solve at work, in a business environment. For example, operating a process unit or some technological process. In such a situation, man controls a set of certain parameters in order to maintain them within a certain range of values. Depending on the combination of certain values of such parameters, a process can be classified as “Normal”, “Alert” or “Alarm”, or to classify the result of such a process as a product, i.e. when a certain combination of parameters would result in one product, while a different one would produce something else, etc.
UAB Neurotechnologijos offers a hardware and software complex NТ Industrial Automation for solving problems of recognition of any images, both actual video images and digital images of free-form signals. NT Industrial Automation consists of the software and hardware parts, respectively. The software part consists in specialised software for the retrieval of data from any MES system.
Сore modules:
• «Data Prepare Simple»
• «Manager Request Queue»
• «Manager Analyst Events»
• «Visualization Events&Alarms»
• «Web Visualization» *
• «Web Server» *
The hardware part consists in adaptive neurocontrollers with cognitive memory NТ Adaptive 1024Х and NТ Adaptive 2048Х. X may be substituted either by S or V index. In this case, the modules are intended for the processing of signals S or processing of video V. The adaptive neurocontrollers NT Adaptive can contain 1024 to 2048 neurons.

The structure of the “NeuroTech Industry Automation” and how it works



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